quarta-feira, setembro 22, 2010

Woman's hair, woman's flow.- XFC

Woman, Prague, river, coffee, beer... All the topics that make me remember absence. This time in English.


I'd rather live
among your hairs,
to stretch time out,
as long as possible.

Keep on sleeping
and dreaming
of hot
chocolate words.


I became a believer
of your hair.
Your breeze
was a scenting prayer.
But I didn't count
on distance.
Too many steps
to measure the light.

Coffee was even cold this morning.


I can't discard
those last minutes,
since as centuries
they invaded all our skins.
Let me guess
the whisper of stones
foretelling your departure.
Let me discard myself
from your breaths,
now and ever,


My soft spot?
Remember and forget you,
tide after tide...
till oblivion shouts 'enough'
and I pick my long white nostalgia up
just to catch the next tramway
to nowhere.


Nothing else but vacuum.
The Vltava got lost
among our beer halutinations.
Its old bridges now look like
beggars of colours.

You have left
and the city does not exist any longer.
Useless to dream
of up-current waterfalls.

Prague is only absence.

© Xavier Frías Conde 2010
All rights reserved worlwide

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