segunda-feira, fevereiro 22, 2010

Looking forward.- XFC

Looking forward. We all human beings look forward to understanding the future. Time and absences cannot be ignored. However, living is the only activity that is worth undertaking. For those who want to learn to live (we were given no handbook to live when we were born...)

* 1 *

words will mean distance

we won't even be whispers

* 2 *

at the beginning
of eternity
I realized
your navel
was the paradise

my current exile

* 3 *

at night
my voice
sometimes crawls
into the edge
of absence

not to shout
but to brush
the migration
of any
of your lost hairs

* 4 *

so far
so near

dreams are dreams
even while whispers
dye you in pink

so far
so slow

* 5 *

trying to decipher
your silence beaches

just trying
-don't worry-
I can't grab
so many absences

* 6 *

waiting for the keyboard
to announce your arrival

there come blue hours
riding meaningless archs
acrobats of suicide

but not you

never again
nobody will enlarge
that syllable
of my name

* 7 *

the spring got lost
on the way

you should never have left
your shadow nude
around the corner
of my thirst

* 8 *

I don't want
to realize how
the paradise
can so naively throb
under your bra

* 9 *

at dawn
the Tagus
is getting silent

your hand palm
still unborn

your naked body
is the stream
to everywhere

* 10 *


and your eyes

© Xavier Frías Conde
All rights reserved worlwide